Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In the blink of an eye

Anything can happen.  Walking along the street one day and a second later you fall.  What you plan for the day can change in the blink of an eye.  How fast does it take to be doing something one time and a minute later something happens to change it all.

It is called life...man makes plans and G-d laughs.  Because we dont know what will happen when we get up in the morning and start our day.  Planning to go to work...but do you get there?  And that is just the way it is.....you get married and make plans on what your life will be like.  Buy a house? Have children? Travel a lot?

I made plans to marry and have children - lots of them...at least 6.  Well, hubby wanted 4...so we compromised and had 5....four boys and a girl.  Five of them in seven years.  That was 41 years ago. In the blink of an eye....my family grew and had a family of their own.  I now have 9 grandchildren...
and I often wonder where did the years go?  I am blessed and yet I wish I could slow down the clock and make things go slower.  I cringe when someone says they wish it was Friday (on a Monday) - that is a whole week of your life gone.  I often wonder if only people my age think this way....the younger generation doesnt measure everything in time...just what they have to do from one thing to another.....always moving ahead.

So enjoy each day and every minute of it....because all it takes is the blink of an eye.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Beautiful Life of Sofia

The Beautiful Life of SofiaThe Beautiful Life of Sofia by Margaret Azzinaro-Bonacci

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The other shoe did not fall

When I first started reading about the beautiful life of Sofia it sounded so amazing and perfect. Too perfect.....and I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. I thought something bad is going to happen. It had to happen. Sofia had a perfect life, perfect children and perfect grandchildren. What else would happen to put this book into a 5 star reading. NEVER in all the years I have been reading (and they are many) did I ever expect an ending like this. A twist, a surprise - an amazing ending....that makes you question "Fact or Fantasy?" Bravo Margret.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: The Bitter Season

The Bitter Season The Bitter Season by Tami Hoag
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Tami Hoag and all her books, but this one was a bit draggy. On one hand I wanted to know the ending - which was a total surprise - on the other hand, the story was dragging to the point of me putting the book down and not picking it up until a day or two later. (I usually read every night.) But the story was a good one - showing what we say and do can damage our children, whether they are foster or our own. Kovac and Liska were put on two different cases - one a recent one where they slaughtered husband and wife; and the other on a cold case which took place 25 years ago. The story skips back and forth between the cases - ending in a blood bath and a surprising who done it ..

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Made the switch

For the past 6 years or so I have been a seller on Etsy.  I have made bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins for all those years and have an extensive collection of handmade items.  But alas I was not getting rich from all my effort.....or maybe I didnt put that much into it....I am still working full time and have 9 grandchildren to love.

Life is busy and I am getting older.  The hands are not what they used to be.  The little links and tiny beads are causing pain to my hands.  I love my part time job and got excited whenever someone bought items off my Etsy Shop.....which right now is in limbo land.  I was going to sell off all my beads but just havent had the time to do the photography and posting on my store....So it will stay in limbo land until I can get to it.

And so that is why I have gotten into another business...one of makeup and beauty, of clothes, jewelry and even household items...Selling Avon is not any different from selling jewelry.  Except it is easier on the fingers and more interactive with people.  And I make much more of a profit.  Besides face to face customers I also have Direct Delivery customers who order online and get their goods mailed directly to their home.

While Avon affords me the luxury of getting out and meeting new people...my Etsy shop enabled me to just pack up my goods and ship them out to the customers.  I think I like Avon better because of meeting new people and holding discussions with them and helping them pick out colors that best suit them.  Now to figure out how to get rid of some of my beads....


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


So the work week is done and alas, they say there was a blizzard coming.  School activities held on the weekend will be cancelled.  Alternate side Street parking will be cancelled.  The gas stations were a mad house since everyone needed to get gas (what was wrong with going a few days earlier?)  The supermarkets were chaos also.  Is it the end of the world? or just a snow storm.

Straight from work, my grandson and I went to make some Avon deliveries, get some snacks and then I dropped him off to stay with hubby while I went to the nail salon - ok, not the most important thing to do but they really needed it and the salon was empty.  On the way home a quick stop in the fruit store to pick up some fruit, veggies, soup makings, some cold cuts and dairy.  Then on to home where a quick dinner and some tv was in order.  Now to wait out the storm.  The back patio chairs and table is covered and there is nothing else to do....except sleep in tomorrow.....

The above happened before the blizzard....and Mother Nature dumped 30 inches of snow on us...stopping traffic...banning cars on the road until 7 am Sunday morning.  But schools were open on Monday and getting to work was such a delight...even though I was late.  People do not know how to drive in good weather.....driving in snow is a whole other ballgame.

But made it into work, and back....and tomorrow is another day.....

Friday, January 22, 2016

Going down....

How many of you can relate to this.  Marry and then have a big family...I know most people dont have big families anymore but I did.  By big, I mean me, hubby and five children.  Then came grandpa and the dog (not in that order)...So there were 8 of us and we got a big house...Five bedrooms, a huge dining room, eat in kitchen and a full size basement with a great laundry room big enough to fit a 9 cube freezer....Long driveway and big garage and back yard.....

Not my house...lol

And then.....grandpa and the dog passed ( in that order) and the kids slowly moved out and got married with families of their own.  We went down to the two of us...what to do with this big house where condos were going up on each side of us....MOVE

So we went down....down to 3 bedrooms, a small kitchen, a dinette room with a step down to the living room.  We do have a front patio to sit on and drink coffee in the morning, a back deck for small bar-b-ques.....and a medium sized back yard for a little planting and maybe a basketball hoop.

There is only the two of us....quietly eating breakfast or dinner and sometime not even at the table.....of course, holidays come and we somehow manage to fit in all the kids, their spouses and the grandkids (9 last count).....I love to eat outside in the nice weather...so much more room.  Hubby thinks the house is too small....while I think it is big enough since I am still doing the cleaning...or trying since it is getting harder and harder.....

Have you downsized lately?  A good or bad thing?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Anew You

We all want and need to feel beautiful...but beauty starts at an early age.  You cant hit 75 and decide you want a beautiful face, soft wrinkle-free face and hands....you must start early.  How early?  Well I started in my 20s .... a clean face with a soft cleanser every night to remove the dirt that we don't even see.....then a moisturizer before going to bed.  I also use a moisturizer in the morning before going out for the day....the sun, and air these days are rough on your skin.  

So now that I convinced you to use a moisturizer....you are not sure which one to use.  Well Avon has several for different ages as well as different skin types.....check out the Skin Care flyer below to find out what suits your age and skin type.....

Or go directly to my website and click on the online brochure and browse around. Right now the price is amazing on each jar that was selling for $38 each...check out the price in Campaign 4 now at ...www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Replace this

It seems we have become an age where when things dont work, we replace them.  Our grandmas somehow made things work, or grandpas used duct tape for everything.  Nowadays, this generation has decided that if it dont work, throw it out and get another.

As of this morning, I have found out that the same thing applies to your body.  After spending the morning waiting in the doctor's office because I finally went after the pain in my knee has gotten to the worst point ever......after xrays and sitting some more.....I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. Yes, I walk like an old lady - well, I am old - but not that old.. getting there.....anyway, the verdict is I have options.

Actually quite a few.....one being pain meds, physical therapy, gel injections or knee replacement.
Needless to say...I dont like any of them.  Meds I am not crazy about because they cause stomach problems...so I am just switching where the pain goes.  Physical therapy I neither have the time or patience for, plus it usually causes more pain (Ive tried it before)....those injections probably wont work the doc said because my arthritis is very very bad.....and a knee replacement is not sounding so good either.

I took the prescription for pain meds, had it filled and will take it sparingly ....for now and will wait to see how much longer I can hold out.  I do have a high tolerance for pain but would love to do more walking than I do....actually just getting off the chair is painful and I would like it not to be.  But before I replace anything.....maybe I can get a few more years out of these old knees of mine.


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